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Cultural Care Au pair actively recruits candidates with offices in 28 different countries.     We are now sharing our the Madison WI experience five young women from South Africa.

Each  Au pair has a genuine desire to learn about the customs and traditions of the U.S. and understand the cultural differences s/he will face during the year. It is important to make them  feel welcome in our home town. Although each family is not responsible for entertaining  their au pair, we encourage families to make an effort to include her/him in family activities and community events. As always  remembering to keep lines of communication open at all times-good communication is the key to a good relationship!


Priya and her Host Family share their thoughts:

I asked Priya if she would be my very first Featured Au pair, when she said she would I requested  an amazing picture that she felt best represented her home country.

 This is the Soweto Towers, it is very well known, the towers were painted by South Africans and it tells the story of South Africa, our transportation, the different races and features  Nelson Mandela  to represent the apartheid and what he fought for.
You can also Bungee Jump between the two towers !!
 I asked Priya’s Host Family how the process was for them:

We only talked to Priya once via Skype before requesting she become our au pair. She was friendly and outgoing and seemed genuinely interested in our family. I could tell she really loves children by the way she described her niece and nephew.  She also loves animals which is important to us because we have a cat and a very large Newfoundland dog.  When she saw our dog (Nova) via Skype, Priya declared her a “showstopper”. That’s when I knew she’d be a great fit for our family!

She’s been a great addition to our family and its been fun sharing American experiences  with her such as Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Priya 2016
My experience here in the USA has been wonderful; I have constantly compared my home country with the US.
I learned a lot about the cultures here,
My host family is simply amazing. They have treated me a part of their own family which made me less home sick, they have shown me new traditions, like learning to make pumpkin pie and strawberry Rubab pie which is delicious
I have been able to travel to many different cities such as NJ, NYC and Washington DC.
I have the sweetest cutest baby to look after and I love him to bits.
It has been an adventure to adjust but it is worth it, I learnt so much about people and aside from that I have learnt how little people know about my country, and I was and still am privileged to teach people about where I come from and bring new cultural traditions here to America. I have made tradional food which my host mum requests weekly because she loves it.
Even our language is slightly different, I may speak English but my English is British and my accent is very different. It was a funny journey getting to understand certain word pronunciations, like my host dad always teasing me which is really fun; we get to put on accents.
All in all, my experience has been life changing in the most beautiful way possible and I would definitely do this again
SA Map


  • South African Au pairs are known for two things – being friendly and hardworking individuals. Being from an extremely diverse and multicultural nation, our au pairs are willing to adjust to any type of environment they are put in to. South Africans tend to be open and hospitable towards everyone they meet.
  • They avoid situations where conflict may arise and would rather steer clear of any incident which causes negativity. For the most part, South Africans want to maintain harmonious working relationships, so they avoid confrontations.
  • Majority of the au pairs will be travelling for the first time and may have never been on an airplane before.
  • There are major differences in communication styles depending upon the individual’s cultural heritage. Most South Africans, regardless of ethnicity, prefer face-to-face meetings to more impersonal communication mediums such as email, letter, or telephone.
  • Good manners are important values for South African families. Also, South African parents are usually very strict with their children so it may not be easy for South African au pairs to help raising children from very permissive host families.
  • Due to the country’s rich cultural and traditional diversity, no uniform South African culture exists in the country. The varying ethnic and cultural groups of the country do, however, enjoy their own customs and traditions. Many of these customs, besides traditional African cultures, are influenced by European and Western traditions. Music, film, art and drama in South Africa are influenced by European, Western and African elements.

If you want to learn more about Au pair childcare and how you can share your family and cultural with a young person for another country please let me know, always happy to help.

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