Sharing Italy with Families in Madison WI

Sharing our culture with the Italian Au pairs has been a pleasure, at this time Madison is hosting two from Italy! If you have been considering an Italian Au pair these are some of the points we can share about our Italian friends.  In general the Italians really like their spaces to be tidy and clean. In Italy, usually, parents are very strict and obsessed in having and keeping a clean house, sometimes American families are a little lenient.

Education in Italy is free and mandatory from ages 6-16 and consists of four stages: kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and university. Italy hosts a broad variety of universities, colleges and academies. This is why maybe the Italians particularly enjoy studying; in fact, more than 60% of the Italian au pairs have a university degree.

Elana was kind enough to share this picture that represents home to her !

Elana 1When Mary  asked me for a picture that I felt represented Italy for me, one imagine flashed into my mind. It’s the view from Città Alta (Up Town) of Bergamo, my hometown. I could have choose every other monument that everyone in the world relate to Italy but that it’s not what Italy is to me. Italy is my home: a wonderful place that, I have to admit, I started to truly appreciate once I left one year ago. But let’s face it: Italy can’t be represented in just one picture. We are a tiny country compared to the States but we have 70% of the historical heritage of this world held in this beautiful peninsula. We have the highest mountain in Europe and we have some of the clearest and wonderful waters in the world. Other Italians won’t relate to my picture but that it’s the amazing thing about Italy. Everywhere you have lived or visited you saw beauty.

My second year in the States started January 4th, 2017. Thinking that one year ago I was just starting to get used to the Wisconsin weather and my working schedule shocks me. Even if the weather still is something that it’s hard to get used to I feel like I’ve been here more than just one year. I decided to extend with the Shell family because they became my safe place away from home. They never made me feel out of place. I always felt like their house was mine too. Madison too had become a place where I feel at home and I’m lucky to say that now I have two homes: one in Italy and one here, in the States.


2016 had been a heck of a year. It was a blast. I met amazing people and I’ve been amazing places. Thanks to my host family I’ve been to Disney World, Orlando, Florida during Spring Break. I’ve been several times to Chicago and obviously New York was my first stop in the States. But the most amazing travel that I did was to Oahu, Hawaii.  

I will share more of The Hawaii adventure in a new post !!

Many young Italians are very motivated to come to the United States as an au pair certainly to improve their English skills but most of all to live with an American family and care for their children.

Generally Italian au pairs gained childcare experience by taking care of their younger siblings, relatives and neighborhood children. Many of them also used to work in a daycare for a stage or as a volunteer in summer camps, church classes, etc.

Bergamo (pronounced BARE-gah-mo), less than an hour by car or train northeast of Milan, is at the foothills of the Orobie Alps, popular with Italian skiers.   I think I need to visit !!!


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