Cultural Care Au Pairs in Madison WI to visit WESLI and Capitol Building

The Cultural Care Au Pair  May meeting will be tours of WESLI and the Wisconsin State Capitol Building.

Date: Sunday May 17, 2015
Time: 1 pm at WESLI
Location:19 N Pinckney St, Madison, WI 53703

We will visit WESLI first and then cross the street to the Capitol Tour.

All Madison area Au pairs and their Host Families are welcome to join us for an afternoon in Downtown Madison Wisconsin.

Fascinating Fact about the Wisconsin State Capitol

Often mistaken as the “Forward statue”, the sculpture at the highest point of the Wisconsin’s State Capitol building is officially named “Wisconsin” but has also been nicknamed the “Golden Lady” (it’s actually clad in gilded bronze). The statue is a nod to the Greek goddess, Athena. The figure’s outstretch right arm is said to symbolize the state motto, “Forward”. This is probably where the misnomer comes in.

The Forward statue in question is actually located at ground level at the west entrance of the Capitol. (Bonus point if you can tell us what’s perched atop the “Golden Lady’s” helmet in the comments below!)

This information is taken from The Bobber fun facts about Wisconsin in Discover Wisconsin.

Monday, 11 May 2015 5:41 PM


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