Looking for your next or first Cultural Care Au pair

How will I ever know which Au pair will be the best fit for our Family

One of our Host Moms looks at it like this…

“When looking for an au pair, find someone you wish you had raised. No matter how much the au pair can [try to] adapt to your parenting style, they will have been raised with their own style and everything will be filtered through [their experience]. This person will be helping to raise your children; so having someone who emulates mannerisms you hope your children will some day have will ensure you find the right match for your family.”
Many families are focused primarily on what we call an au pair’s “hard skills”—these include things like driving skills, English ability and childcare experience. However, we know from experience that those who match on personality and “soft skills” tend to be the most successful partnerships. An au pair’s cultural background and their childcare experience are equally important when you’re choosing the best fit for your family’s needs.
An au pair’s soft skills refer to her personality traits and the way she relates to or interacts with others.

Another Host Mom says…
After about a month of looking at candidates, and interviewing many, one person kept standing out. I was told over and over to go with my gut, and boy have we been rewarded and blessed because I did.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018 1:27 PM


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